The Duke (John Wayne) rides high into history museum's exhibit

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He may be gone, but John Wayne is not forgotten – especially in Valley Center.

In celebration of the centennial year of his birth, the Valley Center History Museum has a special exhibit for the former resident. The exhibit opens at 1 p.m. Saturday and will be on display through the end of the year. A special guest attending the opening will be Valley Center resident and John Wayne look-alike Stan Deskovick.

The movie star, who went by the name of Duke Morrison, moved to Valley Center in 1940.

“I've read three biographies on him,” said Bob Lerner, Valley Center Museum volunteer. “His real name was Marion Morrison, and the biographies always refer to him as Morrison. As a child he was nicknamed 'Duke' and locally he always went by Duke Morrison.”

Wayne built a house on Pauma Valley Drive east of Cole Grade Road and lived there until 1945.

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