Local host of PBS' 'History Detectives' has all the answers

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Here's a question that may or may not have an answer, but when Port Washington resident Elyse Luray comes to mind, it almost demands one: How many facts can the human brain absorb?

Facts about wine or "Star Trek" or one-armed baseball players. Facts about slippers, or cowboy spurs, or paintings. Facts about bells, or newspapers (circa 1920). Facts, facts, facts -- there's a world of them out there, and Luray seems to have sponged up all of them.

Some facts about Luray. She's 39, the mother of two boys, Matt and Zach (and, effectively, of one tottering and quite affectionate bulldog named Katie). She lives in a lovely home on a quiet street where ancient oaks and tulip trees hover protectively over other homes. Down the road is the Port Washington Public Library, Luray's unofficial residence. (She also happens to be one of its biggest boosters.)

She is also host of "History Detectives," a fine PBS program that enters its fifth season Monday at 9 on WNET/13. Facts are to "HD" what bricks are to bricklayers. Their mastery is a job requirement on this show....

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