New Name and Mission for Museum of Television

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First it was named the Museum of Broadcasting, and then, as cable and direct satellite grew, it became the Museum of Television and Radio. Now, in the Internet and cellphone era, that name seems out of date as well, so the museum is renaming itself again, this time as the Paley Center for Media, after the late CBS founder William S. Paley.

The new name, adopted at a March board meeting, is being announced today, effective immediately. It is part of an overhaul intended to make the museum, which was founded by Mr. Paley in 1975, more inviting and its holdings more accessible. Museum officials said they hoped the change would also expand the pool of possible benefactors at a time when the traditional support base is shrinking as radio and television companies merge.

By no longer calling itself a museum, the center, which has buildings on West 52nd Street in Manhattan and in Beverly Hills, Calif., is playing down its archive of TV and radio programs and is recasting itself as a place for industry leaders and the public to discuss the creation of those shows and the role of media in society. The number of panels and interview sessions is being doubled, and online media executives and creators will increasingly be part of those discussions.

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