Titanic achilles heal (Documentary/History Channel)

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When the 2006 History Channel special, TITANIC: MISSING PIECES, discovered missing pieces of the Titanic on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, it dramatically changed the tale of the ship's final, doomed moments. Now, further research of the find reveals a tangle of deception and half-truths that dramatically changes our understanding of the greatest maritime disaster in history. The dramatic re-writing of the tale continues exclusively on The History Channel(R) with the world premiere of TITANIC'S ACHILLES HEEL, Sunday, June 17, 2007 at 8:00pm ET/PT.

The missing pieces that were discovered in 2005 essentially indicated that the Titanic broke apart in the water before sinking, which had to be terrifying experience for those aboard. The unsinkable ship that was built to serve as its own lifeboat until help arrived broke apart in a manner never imagined by its engineers. TITANIC'S ACHILLES HEEL aims to find out why the ship broke apart as it did, and why the "official" details of the sinking seemed to make the truth so elusive.

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