'Last Confederate' filmmaker finally sees project released

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Aspiring filmmaker Julian Adams has finally seen a dream come true.

His production “The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams,” formerly known as “Strike The Tent,” is being released by ThinkFilm for theatrical runs this month and in June. Then it is scheduled to be released June 26 on DVD ($27.98).

“I feel great about this,” Adams said in California during a telephone interview. “We had other offers, but ThinkFilm seemed like a good fit for us. I feel they will give the film the proper release.”

ThinkFilm specializes in independent productions and has issued such Oscar-nominated films as “Half Nelson,” “Being Julia” and “Murderball.”

“One thing I’m really pleased about is that I know about 99 percent of indies never get released anywhere,” said the South Carolina native, who directed and co-wrote the film.

The Civil War drama is based on the true story of the romance between Adams’ great-great grandfather, Confederate captain Robert Adams, and a Northern girl, Eveline McCord. Despite the tragic events and the bloodshed swirling around them, Adams fought hard to keep their love alive.

Much of the filming took place where the actual events unfolded, including the Civil War-era Wavering Place Plantation, located in the Midlands of South Carolina. Other locations included Lenoir, N.C., and Wilmington, N.C....

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