Picasso work found in Oxfam book

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A donated first edition book on ballet featuring a lithograph by Pablo Picasso and a design by Matisse could raise more than £500 for Oxfam Cymru.
Charity worker Marilyn Willis was sorting through contributions at Bangor's Oxfam shop when she found the copy of Le Ballet by Boris Kochno.

The book will now be sold in the charity's Valued in Wales auction in Cardiff in July.

Mrs Willis said: "It was a very special book - you could not miss it."

The copy of Le Ballet, which was compiled in the 1950s, is covered in red cloth and is still kept in the original acetate and cardboard cover.

The Picasso lithograph depicts a dancer and the book also features photographs of Nijinsky and set designs by Parisian artist Toulouse-Lautrec.

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