Bush's Military Record: A Chronology

Roundup: Media's Take

From the LAT (Feb. 15, 2004):

A look at Bush's military record

During the Vietnam War, George W. Bush was admitted to the Texas Guard and received a commission as a second lieutenant. Some important dates:

January: While still at Yale, Bush completes Air Force officer qualification test in New Haven, Conn.

May: Texas Air National Guard Commander Col. Walter B. "Buck" Staudt meets with Bush, recommends him for a direct commission to second lieutenant and acceptance for pilot training. Bush joins the Guard on May 27 as an enlistee at Ellington Air Force Base, near Houston.

July 12: Federal Recognition Examining Board says Bush is qualified for promotion to second lieutenant with the 111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.

July 14: Enters basic training in San Antonio, Texas.

August: Completes basic training.

September: Promoted to second lieutenant.

November: Undergoes pilot training at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia.

December: Begins serving as a trainee with the 111th Squadron.

January: Assigned flight duty as an F-102 fighter pilot with the 111th Squadron.

August: Three-member board recommends promotion to first lieutenant.

Regularly attends drills and alerts at Ellington; begins working at a Houston agricultural company.

January-April: Continues service in the Texas Air National Guard.

May 24: Requests permission to transfer to Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, so he can work in the Senate campaign of Winton "Red" Blount Jr. , a family friend. Texas unit does not approve transfer.

August: Fails to take required flight physical.

September: Suspended from flight status.

September: Requests and receives approval for a three-month transfer to 187th Tactical Reconnaissance Group in Montgomery, Ala.

October: Is paid for two days service; it is not certain where he served.

November: Returns to his Texas unit at Ellington, serves four days.

January: Serves six days; according to White House records, has a dental exam at Dannelly Field Air National Guard Base in Montgomery, Ala., on Jan. 6.

April-July: Serves 40 days, participating in nonflying drills. Last day for which he is paid is July 30.

September: Requests discharge from the Texas Air National Guard so he can attend Harvard Business School.

October: Receives honorable discharge eight months before the end of his enlistment.

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