London opens exhibit on Jamestown at dock

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LONDON -- On the 400th anniversary of the departure of British colonists for America, Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine yesterday opened a Jamestown exhibit at a dockside museum near where their ships set sail.

Surrounded by American and British dignitaries at a museum in London's Docklands area and flanked by a Colonial color guard and Virginia Military Institute cadets, Mr. Kaine said the colonists' ideals and aspirations were born in England.

"The important things [that they brought] were not physical things, but were ideas and passions and experiences and philosophies," he said, crediting the English settlers with introducing the notion of equality before the law, freedom of religion and elected legislative leadership to the New World.
"Though the soil did not seem fertile, the seeds brought by those English settlers were powerful, and they've grown into a very powerful nation, a nation that we're proud to call friends of this great nation today," Mr. Kaine said.

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