What a job - finding memorabilia for Hard Rock Cafes

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Don Bernstine travels the world visiting rock stars in their homes and backstage and spends tens of thousands of dollars of his employer's money buying guitars, concert costumes and other music memorabilia.

So, it's no surprise that the Hard Rock Cafe's memorabilia hunter says he'll give up his job when someone pries it from his" cold, dead fingers."

Bernstine's job for the past five years has been hunting down the instruments, clothes, lyrics and other music ephemera that adorn the Hard Rock's 124 cafes, seven hotel-casinos and stand-alone casino in 43 countries.

"I'm looking to ... preserve certain moments of rock history," said Bernstine, 51, who sports a gray beard, six silver earrings, and three piercings in his right eyebrow.

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