‘Rocky’ Statue Makes Comeback at Museum

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On a recent windy Saturday, a half-dozen groups waited patiently outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art for their turn to have their pictures taken with a statue.

It may not be great art, but the sculpture of Rocky, the fictional boxer portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in what seems like an endless series of movies, is definitely a great draw.

“I only came for Rocky, but, heck, why not go inside?” said Miller Redpath, a visitor from Minneapolis, there with his two sons. “Who figured Rocky would lead me to culture?”

The 8-foot-6 statue took up residence this fall in a prime landscaped cove just to the right of the museum steps — the very steps that Rocky climbed triumphantly, to the sounds of “Gonna Fly Now,” in the first installment of the Rocky saga in 1976.

Inside the museum, there are Van Goghs, Picassos and Titians, but there are lots of them at other museums, too. No other museum, though, has an outsized movie prop that has become its prime attraction.

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