One-man play on Edwin Booth, brother of Lincoln's killer

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BEL AIR, Md. (AP) -- A professor at Catholic University is working on a one-man play depicting one of Harford County's most famous sons, who was eclipsed by his younger brother John Wilkes Booth.

Gary Sloan, an assistant professor of drama at Washington's Catholic University of America, will read "Haunted Prince: The Ghosts of Edwin Booth" at the Harford County Courthouse in Bel Air on Saturday.

Edwin Booth was born in 1833 and raised at his family's estate outside Bel Air, now known as Tudor Hall.

Edwin was one of the most renowned Shakespearean actors of his day - once performing "Hamlet" for 100 consecutive nights in New York City - but with three words and one gunshot, his brother leaped to far greater prominence in American history as Abraham Lincoln's assassin, said Dinah Faber of the Harford County Historical Society.

"After the assassination, Edwin personally felt he wouldn't be able to continue his career," Faber said. Unlike his fanatically pro-Southern brother, "he did support Lincoln, to the point that he voted for him."

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