Nephew at opening of Kennedy Museum in Berlin

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A nephew of John F Kennedy attended the inauguration Saturday of a small Berlin museum devoted to the late US president and his iconic 1963 visit to the city at the time when it was a western outpost behind the Iron Curtain. The show, set up by the Berlin art dealership Camera Work just a few steps from the Brandenburg Gate, displays images, documents and manuscripts from Germany as well as some of the president's possessions lent by the Kennedy family.

Five months before his November 1963 assassination, Kennedy visited West Berlin and gave a speech on June 26, 1963 in which he proclaimed his unity with the people of Berlin in the struggle against the communists.

The city, secured by US, British and French troops, was surrounded by communist East German territory.

Anthony Kennedy Shriver, who attended the opening, is the nephew of John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.

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