How Many Times Has the United States Been Bombed?

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April 19, 1995

The bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. 168 killed. The most deadly terrorist attack on American soil until 2001. Timothy McVeigh arrested and convicted and put to death.


February 26, 1993

The bombing of the World Trade Center. 6 killed. Over 1,000 injured. 5 Islamic terrorists arrested and convicted.


November 7, 1983

The bombing of the U.S. Congress leaves a hole in a wall outside the Senate chamber. No injuries. 2 radicals arrested and convicted.


May 16, 1981

The bombing of the Pan Am Terminal at New York's Kennedy Airport; a men's restroom is destroyed. The"Puerto Rican Armed Resistance" takes the credit. No injuries. No arrests.


December 29, 1975

The bombing of the TWA Terminal at New York's LaGuardia Airport. 11 killed, 75 injured. No arrests.

January 24, 1975

The bombing of New York's historic Fraunces Tavern. 4 killed. The Associated Press reported that this was one of"49 bombings attributed to the Puerto Rican nationalist group FALN between 1974 and 1977 in New York."


August 24, 1970

Four antiwar protestors explode bomb on the campus of University of Wisconsin's Madison campus killing one, injuring three, and causing millions of dollars in damage. Over 50 buildings damaged or destroyed. Three of the men convicted of the crime.

March 6, 1970

Three members of the Weather Underground accidentally blow up their own Greenwich Village townhouse, which was being used as a bomb-making factory. 3 killed.


September 15, 1963

A bomb exploded at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, claiming the lives of four young black girls. Four members of the Ku Klux Klan accused of the crime. One man convicted in 1977, two others convicted in 2000.


A former Consolidated Edison employee, George Metesky, explodes bombs at a series of New York landmarks including Grand Central Station and Radio City Music Hall. Metesky spends 16 years in a mental hospital.


September 16, 1920

The bombing of Wall Street. 34 killed, more than 200 injured. Anarchists are suspected.


October 1, 1910

The bombing of the Los Angeles Times. 20 killed. Union radicals are arrested and plead guilty.


December 30, 1905

The bombing of the home of the governor of Idaho, Frank Steunenberg. Steunenberg is killed. A labor radical is arrested and convicted and sentenced to life.


May 4, 1886

The bombing of Haymarket Square, Chicago, Illinois. 7 killed, 70 injured. Labor radicals blamed. 4 hanged, 1 committed suicide in prison. 3 jailed for life (sentences later commuted).

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henry tyrone slothrop - 7/7/2005

April, 1927-

A disgruntled school superintendent, Kehoe, blew up the newly built Bath Consolidated School and killed over 45 people. Apparently, he was upset over the rise in his property taxes. He left a sign on a fence surrounding his property that read "Criminals are made, not born."

Kristina - 10/30/2003

I remember hearing somewhere that the US bombed its own soil...I cant seem to remember the rest of the details or find it on the web. anyone know what Im talking about?

William Pencak - 9/13/2001

I like this page a lot, it will be useful for people seeking to put things in perspective. Would we consider actions by Germany against our munitions plants during WWI before our entry terrorism -- or justifiable actions considering what these plants were making? How about attacks on ships? I remember some place called Black Island, I think in New Jersey, was blown up. Were their similar incidents during the period we were somewhat involved in WW2 (1940-41)?