Archive of HNN's Wednesday Newsletters


HNN dispatches 2 newsletters a week to subscribers.

Our Wednesday newsletter includes a list of new articles posted on HNN.

Our Friday newsletter -- known as ROUNDUP -- includes excerpts related to history from hundreds of websites from around the world.

Below is a list of the Wednesday newsletters.

California Fires 10-29-03

Defining Patriotism 10-22-03

Historian's Victory 10-15-03

Arnold's Victory 10-8-03

The Leak 10-1-03

President Clark? 9-24-03

Daniel Pipes Sued 9-17-03

Iraq, Iraq, Iraq 9-10-03

Iraq: A Way Out? 9-3-03

Bush's Poll Numbers 8-27-03

Middle East Meltdown: New Insights 8-20-03

Governor Schwarzenegger? 8-13-03

Radical History: Flawed or Wise? 8-6-03

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