Week of May 13, 2013

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News at Home

The Tea Party Isn't Conservative
Christopher S. Parker
It's the latest manifestation of the pseudo-conservative paranoid style in American politics. And here's the statistical proof.
Tags: Tea Party, Richard Hofstadter, paranoid style, John Birch Society
Why is Our Government Prosecuting Whistleblowers?
William J. Astore
What happens when the White House becomes the Kremlin?
Tags: Barack Obama, federal government, United States, whistleblowers

News Abroad

Pray the Way I Do
Steve Hochstadt
A scandal in Israel: Women praying at the Wailing Wall.
Tags: Israel, Judaism, prayers, Wailing Wall
Terrorism in the Workplace
David Patten
Don't mourn the dead in Dhaka -- organize.
Tags: Bangladesh, labor, safety, unions
Happy Birthday, Kosovo!
Ian Reifowitz
Serbia and Kosovo have signed an historic agreement to end two decades of conflict.
Tags: civilization, EU, Kosovo, Serbia

Historians & History

Ira Katznelson: The Racist History of the New Deal
Robin Lindley
Ira Katznelson on the New Deal in the age of Roosevelt and Truman.
Tags: Ira Katznelson, New Deal, racism, South
Marc Lendler: "Every Idea is an Incitement..."
Aaron Leonard
Marc Lendler on the continuing relevance of Gitlow v. New York, the landmark free speech trial from the Red Scare.
Tags: free speech, Gitlow v. New York, Marc Lendler, Red Scare
Why Historians' Memoirs are So Valuable
James M. Banner, Jr.
John Elliott's new memoir is a must-read to understand the practice of history over the past sixty years.
Tags: John Elliott, memoirs, Spain, Weekly Standard
Thomas Jefferson's Nightmare
Thomas Fleming
The specter of a slave revolt haunted the South until the outbreak of the Civil War.
Tags: Civil War, Haiti, slavery, Thomas Jefferson
Republicans Should Like Ike
Keith W. Olson
His example offers the party a way forward.
Tags: Dwight D. Eisenhower, GOP, Republican Party, Tea Party


Review of James Patterson's The Eve of Destruction
Jeffrey Aaron Snyder
Did 1965 really change America?
Tags: 1965, books, Eve of Destruction, James Patterson
Review of Jill Lepore’s The Story of America
Luther Spoehr
A worthy successor to the tradition of Richard Hofstadter.
Tags: books, Jill Lepore, Luther Spoehr, The Story of America

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