Week of April 1, 2013

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Up Front

The Conspiracy to Kill MLK: Not a Theory but a Fact
Ira Chernus's MythicAmerica
At least according to the letter of the law.
Tags: assassinations, conspiracy theories, Martin Luther King, myths
HNN Hot Topics: Gay History
Tags: gay history, Hot Topics, GLBT, sexuality

News at Home

5Tipping Points: Is the Culture War Over?
Steve Hochstadt
The sea change in public opinion about gay marriage is just but one sign of a more radical transformation.
Tags: Malcolm Gladwell, culture war, Republican Party, same-sex marriage
The Pope and the Nuns
Margaret McGuinness
How Francis will deal with the American sisters will provide clues on how he'll govern as pope.
Tags: Pope Francis, nuns, American sisters, Catholic Church
The Modesty Wars: Women and the Hasidim in Brooklyn
Ruth Rosen
Brooklyn's culture war between Hasidic Jews and yuppies.
Tags: Brooklyn, Hasidim, New York City, patriarchy
Why We Still Need the Voting Rights Act
Simon E. Balto
In a country where a guilty man like Olen Burrage can die free, we still need civil rights protections.
Tags: Olen Burrage, Shelby County v. Holder, Supreme Court, Voting Rights Act

News Abroad

Francis and Xi: More Similar Than You Think
Jeffrey Wasserstrom
The succession rituals of the Catholic Church and the Chinese Communist Party are surprisingly similar.
Tags: Catholic Church, China, Pope Francis, Xi Jinping
The Myth of the All-Powerful President: A Very Brief History
Ira Chernus's MythicAmerica
From FDR to the present, U.S. presidents -- and the public -- believe that they can control events on the other side of the world.
Tags: FDR, presidency, power, myths
Look at Hugo Chavez Through a Latin American Lens
Alejandro Velasco
He inspired a new wave of Latin American self-confidence.
Tags: Hugo Chavez, Latin America, U.S.-Latin American relations, Venezuala
Macau: China's Unlikely Bridge to the Lusophone
Joyman Lee
China is using the former Portuguese colony to build bridges to Brazil and Angola.
Tags: China, Brazil, Macau, colonialism
Beyond "Mission Accomplished"
Andrew Wiest
The anniversary of the invasion of Iraq was on March 19, but the anniversaries of the biggest military blunders are still to come.
Tags: Iraq, Iraq War, anniversaries, military history

Historians & History

Making the Historical Documentary Makers
Robin Lindley
Acclaimed documentarian and journalist Betsy West on compiling an oral history of the women's movement.
Tags: Betsy West, feminism, Makers, PBS
Moynihan's Moment ... Extended
Gil Troy
The late New York senator was remarkably prescient about America's social and political ills.
Tags: Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Israel, Ronald Reagan, United Nations

Culture Watch

At War With Art
James A. Loewen
The Smithsonian Museum of American Art's disappointing "Civil War and American Art" exhibit.
Tags: art history, Civil War, Smithsonian, The Nation
A Murky Look Back at the 1969 Stonewall Riots and Gay History
Bruce Chadwick
Hit the Wall tries (and fails) at greatness -- but it's a solid play and solid history nonetheless.
Tags: gay history, New York City, plays, theater reviews


Review of John Burt's Lincoln's Tragic Pragmatism
Jim Cullen
Definitely worth making room on your shelf for this excellent treatment of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
Tags: John Burt, Lincoln's Tragic Pragmatism, Lincoln-Douglas debates, Stephen Douglas
Review of Woody Guthrie's House of Earth: A Novel
Ron Briley
The earthy political fiction of Woody Guthrie, brought to you by Doug Brinkley and Johnny Depp.
Tags: Douglas Brinkley, House of Earth, Johnny Depp, Woody Guthrie

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