Week of March 4, 2013

HNN Rundowns

Up Front

HNN Hot Topics: Hugo Chavez, 1954-2013
Tags: Hot Topics, Hugo Chavez, in memoriam, obituaries
Congress Needs to Lead on the Budget, Not the President
Raymond Smock
The president does not (and should not) have the power of the purse.
Tags: Barack Obama, Congress, John Boehner, sequestration
HNN Hot Topics: Women's History Month
Tags: feminism, gender, Hot Topics, women, Women's History Month

News at Home

Senator Cruz, You're No James Madison
John Willingham
A look at Ted Cruz's Princeton thesis on the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.
Tags: Republican Party, Tea Party, Ted Cruz, The Federalist Papers
In Defense of Our Do-Nothing Congress
Kyle Scott
Blocking the will of the majority is a fundamental feature of the U.S. constitutional system.
Tags: Constitution, John C. Calhoun, minority rights, tyranny of the majority
Thomas Jefferson's Radical Plan to Avert the Fiscal Cliff
Dennis Gaffney
Cut the military budget, but do it smartly.
Tags: fiscal cliff, sequestration, budget, debt
His Meaning Was Clear . . .
Josh Brown's Life During Wartime
Drawing an X on the Voting Rights Act.
Tags: equal rights, Antonin Scalia, Voting Rights Act, civil rights
Climate Change as History's Deal-Breaker
Tom Engelhardt
Why was the February 17 protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline in D.C. so small?
Tags: climate change, Keystone XL Pipeline, organizing, activism

News Abroad

“Yellow Peril” Morphs into Chinese Borg
Ira Chernus's MythicAmerica
Resistance is Fu-tile.
Tags: China, yellow peril, Star Trek, hackers
U.S. Aid to Syria’s Revolution Could Go to Jihadists
Walid Phares
John Kerry's proposal to give $60 million to the Syrian Opposition Council could backfire horribly.
Tags: Al Qaeda, foreign aid, John Kerry, Syria

Historians & History

The Strange Saga of Lincoln Assassination Co-Conspirator John Surrat
David O. Stewart
His mother was hanged for his crimes while he fled to the Vatican.
Tags: John Surrat, John Wilkes Booth, popes, Vatican
Well Done, Brother Herb Shapiro
Staughton Lynd
Remembering the distinguished academic and activist Herbert Shapiro.
Tags: in memoriam, scholarship, Herbert Shapiro, obituaries

Culture Watch

Two Chinese on a Mountain...
Bruce Chadwick
...and that's all there is in the disappointing The Dance and the Railroad.
Tags: The Dance and the Railroad, Signatory Theater, Chinese Americans, theater reviews


Review of Lawrence R. Samuel's The American Dream
Jim Cullen
A useful, but profoundly troubling book, written more for personal branding than scholarship.
Tags: Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Lawrence Samuel, Reviews in History (UK), The American Dream
Review of James M. Banner Jr.'s Being a Historian
Jim Cullen
History as a discipline will survive the ongoing seismic changes, but will it survive as a profession?
Tags: Ethical Culture Fieldston School, historiography, history professoriate, James M. Banner

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