Week of February 4, 2013

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Up Front

Important State of the Union Addresses in History
Tags: State of the Union, presidential speeches, presidents, Congress
HNN Book of the Month: The Story of America: Essays on Origins -- by Jill Lepore
Book of the Month, February, Jill Lepore, The Story of America


Ed Koch, Pat Moynihan, and the Politics of Patriotic Indignation
Gil Troy
Sometimes anger is the rational response to challenges -- and can certainly pay off politically.
Tags: 1970s, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Ed Koch, New York
The Imaginary World of the “War Against al-Qaeda”
Ira Chernus
Perhaps most Americans have forgotten that another story is possible.
Tags: al-Qaeda, drone strikes, extrajudicial killings, Osama bin Laden
How Do This Year's Oscar Nominees Rate on the Bechdel Test?
Steve Hochstadt
Seven for nine among Best Picture nominees, but that's being generous.
Tags: Bechdel test, feminism, movies, Oscars
Fighting Old Wars (And Contemplating New Ones) ...
Josh Brown's Life During Wartime
John McCain and Chuck Hagel.
Tags: Chuck Hagel, John McCain, Senate hearings, Secretary of Defense

News at Home

What's Still Missing From the Gun Control Debate
Jim Sleeper
We're not talking about how we're sold violence.
Tags: civics, Civil Rights Act, gun control, guns
Forget the Contrarians: Ed Koch Was A True Liberal
Robert W. Snyder
With a capital L, especially with his record on affordable housing.
Tags: Ed Koch, liberalism, New York City, obituaries
The Income Tax Amendment Turns One Hundred and It’s Worth Celebrating
Ray Raphael
Forget Grover Norquist -- the Sixteenth Amendment closed a massive loophole in American tax law.
Tags: Constitution, income taxes, Sixteenth Amendment, taxes
Actually, Scalia's Legal Logic Permits Gun Control
Alan Singer
Using Antonin Scalia's textualist legal school against him.
Tags: Antonin Scalia, Constitution, gun control, textualism
Could We Actually Learn Something from '50s-Style Civics Education?
Erik Christiansen
Reinterpreting Cold War-era civic education.
Tags: civic engagement, civics, education, Cold War, Freedom Train
Channelling George Washington: The Worthless Continental
Thomas Fleming
A warning for our current Congress on why not to print your way out of debt.
Tags: Channelling George, economics, inflation, paper money
The Politics of Debt in America
Steve Fraser
From debtor's prison to debtor nation.
Tags: debt, economic history, personal debt, TomDispatch

News Abroad

The American Lockdown State
Tom Engelhardt
Post-legal drones, the bin Laden tax, and other wonders of our American world.
Tags: Barack Obama, drones, United States of Fear, war on terror
Women in Combat: Not New, but a Milestone Nonetheless
Tanya L. Roth
The next step is to rethink the hypermasculine culture of the military.
Tags: combat, military history, U.S. Army, women's history
Is the Obama Administration Abandoning Its Commitment to a Nuclear-Free World?
Lawrence S. Wittner
Nuclear disarmament has been punted from "years" to "centuries."
Tags: Barack Obama, nuclear disarmament, nuclear policy, nuclear weapons
Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism
Andrew Seth Meyers
Brooklyn College is hosting a B.D.S. event this week -- this is their fundamental mistake.
Tags: anti-Zionism, BDS, Brooklyn College, Israeli/Palestinian conflict
The Hagel Hearings
Nick Turse
The last best chance for the truth about a lost war and America’s war-making future.
Tags: Chuck Hagel, Vietnam, war crimes, atrocities

Historians & History

The Caribbean Origins of American Slavery
Andrea Stuart
The "white" and "black" races were invented on Barbados.
Tags: Barbados, Caribbean, colonialism, slavery
The World's Train Station: Grand Central
Kris Wood
An interview with New York Times reporter Sam Roberts on the history of the seminal terminal.
Tags: Grand Central Station, Manhattan, New York City, Sam Roberts
The Paris "Peace" Accords Were a Deadly Deception
Ken Hughes
Richard Nixon let thousands of Americans die to further his political career.
Tags: Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Vietnam, Vietnam War
NASA's History of Organizational Problems
Robert Huddleston
On the tenth anniversary of the Columbia disaster, a look back at great NASA blunders from the 1960s.
Tags: administration, business, NASA, organizations

Culture Watch

Why the Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Isn't Racist
Pearl Duncan
Can we just celebrate a different culture already?
Tags: racism, stereotypes, Super Bowl, Volkswagen


Review of Aida D. Donald’s Citizen Soldier: A Life of Harry S. Truman
Murray Polner
Was he a near-great president or in over his head?
Tags: biographies, book reviews, Harry S. Truman, Aida Donald
Review of David Shambaugh's China Goes Global: The Partial Power
Jim Cullen
Could China in 2013 be in the same global position as America in 1913?
Tags: book reviews, China, David Shambaugh, geopolitics

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