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Howard Zinn speaking out against the Iraq War in 2004. Credit: Wiki Commons.

For the Prosecution:

  • David Greenberg: Agit-Prof: Howard Zinn’s Influential Mutilations of American History (3-19-13)
  • Jim Loewen: "The Other Civil War": Howard Zinn, Abraham Lincoln, Lerone Bennett, Stephen Spielberg, and Me (12-29-12)
  • Sam Wineburg: Where Howard Zinn's "A People's History" Falls Short (12-17-12)
  • Ron Radosh: Howard Zinn’s FBI Files: What It Reveals (8-5-10)
  • Michael Kazin: Howard Zinn's Disappointing History of the United States (2-9-10)
  • Rick Shenkman: The Left's Blind Spot (2-9-10)
  • Howard Zinn's show has been "hyped" says Ron Radosh in a highly critical review (12-12-09)
  • Larry DeWitt: Howard Zinn: The Historian as Don Quixote (1-25-09)
  • Daniel J. Flynn: Howard Zinn's Biased History (1-9-03)
  • For the Defense:

  • Jesse Lemisch, Staughton Lynd, and Robert Cohen: Rebutting David Greenberg's Broadside on Howard Zinn (3-19-13)
  • Robert Cohen: When Assessing Zinn, Listen to the Voices of Teachers and Students (1-7-13)
  • Peter N. Kirstein: The People's Historian and the FBI Zinn Files (8-17-10)
  • Eric Foner: Howard Zinn's Critical History (2-4-10)
  • In memoriam

    Howard Zinn: Tribues, Memorials, and Obituaries

  • Guy Mount: Zinn Lives: Scholars Remember the Person Behind A People’s History (3-21-10)
  • Joseph A. Palermo: Remembering Howard Zinn (2-9-10)
  • Sheldon M. Stern: Howard Zinn Briefly Recalled (2-9-10)
  • Ron Briley: Thank You, Howard Zinn (2-9-10)
  • Michael Honey: Howard Zinn's Disputed Legacy (2-9-10)
  • Staughton Lynd: The Howard Zinn I Remember (2-9-10)
  • News and Misc.

  • Ron Briley: Review of Martin Duberman’s Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left (1-10-13)
  • New biography of Howard Zinn published (12-8-12)
  • John Tirman: Review of Martin Duberman's "Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left" (12-8-12)
  • Zinn makes final list of "least credible history book in print" (7-16-12)
  • Inside Howard Zinn's FBI Files (7-30-10)
  • 'People's History' author Howard Zinn dies at 87 (1-27-10)
  • Howard Zinn: On "The People Speak," the Supreme Court, and Haiti (1-26-10)
  • Howard Zinn: Roasted in New Criterion (2-1-08)
  • Howard Zinn: His publisher rides to his defense (6-24-07)
  • Howard Zinn: BU's John Silber says he had grounds for firing Zinn (12-28-05)
  • Tim Goodman: Howard Zinn: Rock Star (10-13-04)
  • Howard Zinn, Q & A (February 2004)

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