Ron Radosh: The Desperate Left-Wing Attack Against Chuck Hagel's Opponents

Roundup: Historians' Take

Ron Radosh is a PJ Media columnist and Adjunct Fellow at the Hudson Institute.

There is a real not so covert war going on in our nation’s capital. It is not that of the Obama administration to put into the office of Secretary of Defense a man with a questionable record, but that of Chuck Hagel’s supporters to end all opposition—by raising the cry of “McCarthyism.”

That old standard bugaboo of the Left is being used again, this time as a mechanism to try and discredit all those who have brought forth very valid reasons as to why Senator Hagel should not get appointed to the position, despite his nomination.  For those who have not been paying attention, here is a brief summary of the various reasons presented by those who oppose Hagel’s nomination

1. He has publicly spoken about how the “Jewish lobby” intimidates members of Congress. Of course, there is a pro-Israel lobby that has the support of most of the public in our country, and is composed not only of Jews, but of many evangelical Christians.

2. He not only opposed the Iraq war after first supporting it, but later voted against declaring Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist groups. He also argued on behalf of negotiations with them....

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