Week of December 31, 2012

HNN Rundowns


"The Other Civil War"
Jim Loewen

Howard Zinn, Abraham Lincoln, Lerone Bennett, Stephen Spielberg, and Me

Why are High-Capacity Magazines Still Legal?
Steve Hochstadt

There's no valid non-military reason to own one.

News at Home

What About All the Thousands of Other Kids Killed with Guns?
Susan J. Pearson and Blain Roberts

Why does it take a "massacre of the innocents" in order to effect change?

Gun Control and Arms Control
Lawrence S. Wittner

Using the UN to solve both.

News Abroad

Were U.S. Marines Used as Guinea Pigs on Okinawa?
Jon Mitchell

New evidence that American soldiers were knowingly exposed to nerve gas.

Historians & History

Improvising Digital History in the Deep South Digital Desert
Michael Mizell-Nelson

How to make digital history beyond the coasts.

The Grand Emancipation Jubilee
Alan Singer

How did the public celebrate the proclamation 150 years ago, in 1863?

Where Are the Pseudohistory Wars?
Michael D. Gordin

Immanuel Velikovsky's pseudoscientific theories also had an historical component, so why isn't he labeled a pseudohistorian?

Picturing the History of Sexuality in America
Thomas A. Foster

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of the word “sex”?


Review of The United States and the Second World War, edited by G. Kurt Piehler and Sidney Pash
Lawrence S. Wittner

It's ... pretty good.

Review of William Thomas Allison's My Lai: An American Atrocity in the Vietnam War
Murray Polner

It's ... also pretty good.

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