Mohamed Gadala: Egypt ... On the Path to Nazism

Roundup: Media's Take

The writer is an Egyptian citizen. His name has been changed to protect his identity.

The political atmosphere in Egypt today closely resembles that experienced in Germany 1933 after the accession to power of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party in an equally narrow democratic electoral victory.

Both Hitler and ex-inmate Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi show the same desire for revenge against the established social order and intolerance toward adversaries. During the past six months Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood have taken all necessary measures to consolidate his grasp on power, matching similar measures taken by Hitler in 1933 including controlling all media, the army, local municipalities, police force and jurisdictional institutions, appointing allies to key positions while viciously removing technocrats and bureaucratic employees who do not show complete obedience.

Accusations of corruption and loyalty to the old regime (of Honsi Mubarak) are readily used whenever the Brotherhood wishes to assert control, in an intense purging campaign. Most of these public employees accept the new reality silently to avoid public humiliation.

Every tree is known by its fruit, and no matter how much the Muslim Brotherhood portrays itself as benevolent and compassionate, the actions taken by its leaders and members parallel those of the Nazis... 

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