Week of October 29, 2012

HNN Rundowns

Up Front

HNN Hot Topics: Natural Disasters

In the wake of Sandy, a look back at other historic hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters in American history.


Let's Make Sure this Natural Disaster Doesn't Become a Political Disaster
Gil Troy

My plea to state and country officials: Let Election Day proceed as normally as possible

From “Who Lost China?” to “Who Lost Libya?”
Ira Chernus's MythicAmerica

Those familiar with U.S. foreign policy since the 1940s can hardly avoid drawing comparisons.

Why Obama Will Win This Election
Steve Hochstadt

Two words: Republican failures.

High Speed Amtrak: Part II
Jim Loewen

Amtrak's Quik-Trip from Chicago to St. Louis.

With Apologies to Browning...
Josh Brown's Life During Wartime

The GOP's rape problem.

News at Home

The Curious Creation (and Unintended Consequences) of the Electoral College
Ray Raphael

The Framers would be aghast at our electoral politics today.

Presidential “Czars”: A Constitutional Aberration
Mitchel A. Sollenberger and Mark J. Rozell

Obama has appointed more executive branch czars than any other president.

Barack D. Eisenhower
Dennis Gaffney

Why Obama is like Ike.

Hetch Hetchy Redux: An Effort to Turn Back the Environmental Clock
Nancy C. Unger

Inside the efforts to drain the San Francisco reservoir.

News Abroad

Face/Off: The Last 2012 Presidential Debate
Timothy R. Furnish

On foreign policy, the candidates are practically identical.

Big Maps, Big Dreams, and the Failure of the Obama Doctrine
Nick Turse

Don't count on the Pentagon ever changing its first principles.

Why the Only Solution is the Two-State Solution
Asher Susser

A one-state solution means the end of a Jewish Israel.

Historians & History

The Importance of Doing Recent History
Renee Romano and Claire Potter

Navigating a bewildering world of new sources, new media, and information overload.

The Inevitability of the Cold War
Michael Dobbs

Six months in 1945 determined the course of the next half-century.

The Forgotten Los Angeles Race Riot
Robin Lindley

Interview with Historian Scott Zesch on the Chinatown Massacre of 1871

Culture Watch

Coast to Coast, Presidential Election Ignites New Look at Campaigns and Politics
Bruce Chadwick

'Tis the political season on-stage as well as off.

When History Repeats Itself on A Summer's Day
Bruce Chadwick

But does anybody really care?


Review of Emily Bernard's Carl Van Vechten and the Harlem Renaissance
Doug Ireland

Carl Van Vechten stand as a beacon of light to those truly committed to grappling with queer and black issues.

Review of Paul S. Boyer's American History: A Very Short Introduction
Jim Cullen

A solid, workmanlike, and inexpensive approach to U.S. history for students.

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