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HNN Special: The Cuban Missile Crisis at Fifty

  • Sheldon M. Stern: Noam Chomsky and the Cuban Missile Crisis (10-18-12
  • Washington Looks Back at the Cuban Missile Crisis (Part 1) (10-16-12)
  • Noam Chomsky: The Week the World Stood Still (10-15-12)
  • Sheldon M. Stern: The Cuban Missile Crisis ExComm Meetings: Getting it Right After 50 Years (10-15-12)
  • Harvey Simon: What If Nixon Had Been President During the Crisis? (10-15-12)
  • Jon Mitchell: The Cuban Missile Crisis: The View from Okinawa (7-23-12)

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  • News

  • New Book "One Minute to Midnight" Reveals U.S. Intelligence Tracked Activation of Soviet Air Defenses During Missile Crisis (6-26-08)

  • Commentary: Historians

    Svetlana Savranskaya: Soviet Perspectives on the Caribbean Crisis

  • Graham Allison: Closer Than You Thought to World War III (10-15-12)
  • Jon Wiener: The '13 days in October,' 50 years later (10-14-12)
  • Svetlana Savranskaya: Cuba Almost Became a Nuclear Power in 1962 (10-10-12)
  • Sheldon M. Stern: Robert Caro Gets Bobby Kennedy Wrong -- He Was a Hawk on Cuba (7-27-12)
  • Sheldon M. Stern: Robert Caro and the Mythical Cuban Missile Crisis (6-18-12)
  • Sheldon M. Stern: The Trollope Ploy Myth Lives On: Robert McNamara and the Cuban Missile Crisis (7-9-09)
  • Robin Lindley: The Reflections of JFK’s Closest Advisor, Ted Sorensen (Interview) (7-27-08)
  • Michael Dobbs: Cool Crisis Management? It's a Myth. Ask JFK. (6-22-08)
  • Max Holland and Tara Marie Egan: What Did LBJ Know About the Cuban Missile Crisis? And When Did He Know It? (11-5-07)
  • Sheldon M. Stern: The Cuban Missile Crisis 45 Years Later ... A Personal and Professional Remembrance (10-11-07)
  • James G. Hershberg: JFK's Secret Attempt to Defuse the Missile Crisis with the Help of Brazil (03-09-05)
  • Sheldon M. Stern: Errors Still Afflict the Transcripts of the Kennedy Presidential Recordings (2-21-05)
  • Sheldon M. Stern: The Cuban Missile Crisis Myth You Probably Believe (10-24-04)
  • James G. Blight and Philip Brenner: Cuban Missile Crisis: The Lessons for Iraq (11-4-02)
  • Peter Schweizer: Cuban Missile Crisis: Kennedy's Mistakes (11-4-02)

  • Commentary: Media

  • Chris Matthews: How John F. Kennedy's Appeasement Strategy Averted a Nuclear Holocaust (10-14-12)
  • Stephen Sestanovich: Of Myths and Missiles ... What Les Gelb Gets Wrong About the Cuban Missile Crisis (10-12-12)
  • Fred Kaplan: What the Cuban Missile Crisis Should Teach Us (10-10-12)
  • Leslie H. Gelb: The Myth That Screwed Up 50 Years of U.S. Foreign Policy (10-8-12)
  • Graham Allison: At 50, the Cuban Missile Crisis as Guide (6-15-12)
  • Craig K. Comstock: Craig Comstock: Castro's Big Nuclear Secret (6-20-10)
  • Alex Beam: Facts are a Casualty of Missile Crisis (6-10-08)

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