Gideon Rachman: If You Liked George W. Bush, You’ll Love Mitt Romney

Roundup: Media's Take

Gideon Rachman is chief foreign-affairs commentator for the Financial Times.

A cynic inspecting Mitt Romney’s foreign itinerary of Poland, Israel and Britain might mutter: “Polish vote, Jewish vote, Olympics.” But there is also a genuine philosophy behind Mr Romney’s choice of destinations.
The Republican candidate’s main critique of Barack Obama’s foreign policy is that the president has spent too much time courting America’s enemies and dissing its friends. Under the Obama administration, according to this argument, loyalty and long-term friendship with the US is rewarded with the cold shoulder. Anti-American posturing, by contrast, is rewarded with an apology and concessions. So Mr Obama has made elaborate speeches in the Muslim world, but not visited Israel. He has pursued a reset with Russia, but has been accused of cavalier treatment of the Poles and Balts. And he has stressed relationships with rising powers in Asia, while allegedly neglecting old alliances, such as the “special relationship” with Britain.
Mr Romney’s foreign itinerary is intended to drive home this argument. It is a pointed tour of old friends and allies...

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