Breaking News and Roundup Interns: Sites to Monitor

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This is a comprehensive list of websites to monitor for Breaking News and Roundup interns.

Now, because it's pretty much impossible for any one person to monitor 100 websites (not to mention Google searches!), the master list is split up between the various interns. Each intern has a letter assigned to them -- it is that intern's responsibility to monitor the websites under that number. Each intern should monitor no more than 20 websites.

Your job is to be the eyes and ears of HNN.  We surf the Internet so our readers don't have to.  It's our one-stop-shopping approach.

What to Do

Review the websites you're responsible for each week.  

You will be searching for content that falls into one of three categories:

●  Breaking News (BN) -- news about historic events, shrines, anniversaries, trends
●  Historians in the News (HIN) -- news about historians (obituaries, major awards, controversies)
●   Roundup (RU) -- op eds and essays that put the news into historical perspective

 When you find something you think might work for us, indicate in the subject line of your email (BN, HIN, RU) the department it's for and paste the article into the email.  

Be sure to include off the top the source, publication date, and the URL.  If the article is intended for the Roundup Department, be sure to include the name of the author and an author bio.  You may have to hunt for a bio on the Internet.   

It takes journalistic skill to spot good selections for HNN. How do you learn? By doing.

It’s a trial and error approach.

But ask yourself what somebody who is interested in history would want to know.

Think of yourself as an editor at the New York Times whose job is to keep on top of what historians are thinking and talking about — and what the culture at large is doing with history.  That's a good start.  The idea is to get inside the head of our audience and figure out what they'd want.  

This is an important skill set to acquire.  For what do writers and journalists always have to keep in mind?  WHO THEIR AUDIENCE IS. 

Who is our audience?

It's teachers, historians, history buffs, and journalists.  Some read HNN to put the news into historical perspective, some simply because they like reading what thoughtful people (historians) are thinking, even if a particular article is not expressly about a topic on which they are bringing to bear the full weight of their historical knowledge base.

Send each article in a separate email.  Send the article to:  

That's it!

A. (Newspapers)

  1. New York Times
  2. Wall Street Journal
  3. Washington Post
  4. Christian Science Monitor
  5. Philadelphia Inquirer
  6. Guardian (UK)
  7. Irish Times
  8. Los Angeles Times
  9. Telegraph (UK)
  10. Belfast Telegraph (UK)
  11. The Global and Mail (Canada)
  12. The Australian
  13. Sydney Morning Herald (AU)
  14. The Hindu (India)


  1. Foreign Policy
  2. The Atlantic
  3. Slate
  4. Foreign Affairs
  5. The Nation
  6. The New Republic
  7. National Review
  8. The Weekly Standard
  9. Tablet Magazine
  11. Dissent Magazine
  12. Commentary Magazine
  13. Newsweek/The Daily Beast
  14. American Conservative
  15. American Prospect
  16. National Journal
  17. The American Interest


  1. Truthout
  2. openDemocracy
  3. Truthdig
  4. Foreign Policy in Focus
  5. Mother Jones
  6. New Yorker
  7. Talking Points Memo
  8. Juan Cole
  9. History and Policy (UK)
  11. The China Beat
  12. BBC History Magazine
  13. Common-place
  14. American Heritage
  15. Martin Kramer on the Middle East
  16. Legal History Blog
  17. Chronicle of Higher Education
  18. New York Review of Books
  19. Inside Higher Ed


  1. American Spectator
  2. PJ Media
  3. National Association of Scholars
  4. Federation of American Scientists: Project on Gov't Secrecy
  5. Village Voice
  6. Raritan: A Quarterly Review
  7. Lapham Quarterly
  8. Graham Hancock: News on Archeology
  9. LiveScience History
  10. BBC News
  11. Independent (UK)
  12. Reuters
  13. UPI
  14. Radio Free Europe
  15. International Herald Tribune
  16. Archaeology News
  17. Science Daily
  18. Discovery News
  19. National Geographic


  1. CNN
  2. Fox News
  3. Stone Pages
  4. Civil War News
  5. National Parks Traveler
  6. National Endowment for the Humanities
  7. New York Magazine
  8. Michael Novak
  9. City Journal
  10. Wilson Quarterly
  11. History Now
  12. Accuracy in Academia
  13. Archaeologica News
  14. SHAEFR News
  15. AtlanticWire
  16. Independent China News
  17. Education Week
  18. The New Criterion
  19. The Jamestown Foundation
  20. The Root


  1. Time Magazine
  2. Dissident Voice
  3. Counterpunch
  4. Harper's Magazine
  5. Washington Monthly
  6. The Hill
  7. Huffington Post
  8. Arts & Letters Daily
  9. RealClearHistory
  10. Alternet
  11. Media Matters
  12. Democracy Now!
  13. Voice of America
  14. Washington Times
  15. Washington Decoded

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