'Drunk History': Will Ferrell to produce pilot for Comedy Central

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Will Ferrell's hysterical web series "Drunk History" might end up on your TV screen. Comedy Central has given a pilot presentation order for the show, which will be produced by Ferrell, Adam McKay and Gary Sanchez Prods., according to Deadline.

The series has a drunk narrator describing an historical event, while famous comedians and actors reenactment the scene. The pilot will be called "Drunk History Across America." It will also include travel elements. City locals will get smashed and talk about local history. These will be reenacted as well.

Check out one of the episodes of the web series featuring Jack Black below. Other segments have featured Michael Cera (pictured above), Zooey Deschanel and Jason Ritter. What do you think of this as a series? Let us know below....

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