James Fallows: Et Tu, NYT Editorial Page Writer?

Roundup: Media's Take

James Fallows is a blogger for The Atlantic.

From today's (otherwise excellent) NYT editorial on the Senate's recent 51-47 "defeat" of an Obama proposal to cut oil subsidies:

Despite pleading by Mr. Obama, the Senate on Thursday could not produce the 60 votes necessary to pass a bill eliminating $2.5 billion a year of these subsidies.

(In case you've missed the previous ten million items on this topic: 60 votes is necessary to "break a filibuster," not to "pass a bill." The more often the press -- and this is the NYT editorial page! -- elides the difference between the two, the more firmly it ratifies the 28th Amendment to the Constitution. This is the McConnell Amendment: that the Senate shall be converted into a minority-veto body, through routine filibuster of all measures.)...

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