Week of February 20, 2012

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HNN Special: Oscar Night

The Last Bow for 35mm Film
Thomas Doherty

If History is Any Judge, the History Movie is a Big Winner at Oscar Time
Robert Brent Toplin

History Films Are Back at the Oscars
Bruce Chadwick

News at Home

The Tragic Lost Opportunity of School Reform
Ronald W. Evans

How to Think About Corporate Personhood, Part II
James Livingston

Gingrich and Romney: Right and Wrong on Space Travel
Jonathan Coopersmith

News Abroad

A Brief History of the War Formerly Known As The Global War On Terror
Andrew J. Bacevich

The BBC’s "Alternative Honors List"
Toby Harper

Yemen's Instability Could Be Fixed by Food Aid
William Lambers

Historians & History

Channelling George Washington: America's Forgotten Blessing
Thomas Fleming

Western Trailblazers of the Atomic Age and Beyond: Interview with John Findley and Bruce Hevly
Robin Lindley

Why I Still Like Ike
William Astore


Review of Ira Shapiro's The Last Great Senate
Joel K. Goldstein

Review of Michael Hastings's The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan
Murray Polner

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