HNN Unveils New Disqus Comments System


As part of the general site redesign, the History News Network has launched a new and improved comments system called Disqus. All previously registered HNN users must re-register for Disqus in order to post new comments. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What is Disqus?

Disqus is an interactive and customizable comments system used on a wide variety of different websites, including CNN, The Atlantic, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Why Did We Switch Our Comments System?

Disqus allows for easier access to the comments board. Gone are the days of manually coding links—just plunk in the URL and click post!

Users can upload their own profile pics, subscribe to interesting threads via email, and even receive alerts when your friends and colleagues post anywhere on HNN!

The new system also lets users “Like” the posts of other commenters. You can even sort the display of comments by the most popular (measured by the greatest number of “Likes”).

How Do I Register for Disqus?

Registration is a quick and easy process. Simply scroll down to the Disqus comments box at the bottom of any article on HNN and click Log In.

If you haven’t already registered for Disqus on another site, you’ll be prompted to register. You can register with your email address, Gmail or Twitter account, Facebook profile, or Yahoo ID.

That’s it! Make sure to click to verify your email with Disqus after you register. You will not be able to post comments on HNN without a verified email address. This is to prevent spammers and other nasty people from abuse the comments board.

Are My Old Comments Still Visible?

Yes! When we were searching for a new comments system, one of our requirements was that all of the great comments we’ve had over the years (many of them more akin to the essay than the web comment) still had to be visible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to import old comments into Disqus, but we still have on display every approved comment made under our old system; however, users will be unable to post using the old form on new content. From hereon out, it’s the new system all the way!

If you are an HNN site editor, blogger, or administrator:

Log in here

It is no longer necessary, or advisable, to log in to view articles or post comments. Under our new system, logging in is only necessary for HNN site editors, administrators, and bloggers.

If you would like to post comments, please register for Disqus, the service that powers our comments system.

You can do so here.

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