Movie on Lincoln assassination has second life in D.C. crime museum

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Hollywood producer Webster Stone entered the world of museum exhibition creation with the adrenaline rush he brings to his movies.

"We wanted to break it down just like a movie. There's the conspiracy. There's the attacks. There's the arrests," said Stone, standing by the product of his venture into static exhibitions. He quickly sails to a display case. "Here's the exact replica of the .44-caliber derringer Booth used. There's even the pineapple emblem on the side," said Stone, the producer of "The Negotiator" and "Gone in 60 Seconds."

Not a detail went unresearched for Stone's new movie, "The Conspirator," an action look at the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. How Hollywood treated those events is now part of a museum attraction. The National Museum of Crime and Punishment recently opened a small show about the movie and one of the story's most fascinating characters, Mary Surratt....

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