History channel's Kennedy miniseries has been cast

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History channel has finally cast its controversial eight-hour Kennedy miniseries.

Greg Kinnear will play President John F. Kennedy; Katie Holmes has been cast as first lady Jacqueline Kennedy; Barry Pepper is portraying Attorney General Robert Kennedy; and Tom Wilkinson has been cast as family patriarch Joe Kennedy Sr.

The basic cable network caused a storm back in December when it announced its first stab at a scripted miniseries, mostly because the Kennedy project hails from Joel Surnow -- an outspoken conservative who hobnobs with Rush Limbaugh, blah, blah, blah. You may know Surnow as the creator of the Fox series "24," which made headlines a while back for all those creative torture scenes. The miniseries's screenwriter, Stephen Kronish, says he's a liberal Democrat.

When the project came to light, a variety of historians who'd read an early version of the script reacted with varying degrees of knicker-knottedness, and a petition was making the rounds for people to sign, vowing not to watch the "right-wing character assassination masquerading as 'history.' " The critics said the script contained factual errors -- and, of course, that scene in which the president tells his brother Bobby that if he doesn't have sex with unfamiliar women "every couple of days I get migraines."

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