Ralph Luker: James Watt's Misguided Swipe at the Religious Left

Roundup: Historians' Take

Ralph Luker, on CNET (5-22-05):

I find it perfectly fascinating that James Watt of all people is accusing the religious left of attempting to "divide the people of faith" -- when:

-- Some evangelical Protestants in these latter days declare that some evangelical Protestant judges and justices are greater threats to our national security than are Islamic terrorists;

--Some members of Roman Catholic hierarchy exclude some Catholic politicians from the Mass merely because they represent the positions of their constituencies on certain public issues and dare to tell Catholic voters how they must vote in political elections; and

--Some Jewish religious leaders insist that any criticism of the state of Israel is ipso facto a signal of anti-Semitism.

It's good to see that, twenty years after his comedic performance as Secretary of the Interior, James Watt has lost none of his capacity to entertain us.

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