Sneak Preview of Upcoming Plame/CIA Leak Flick

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The Naomi Watts/Sean Penn film, with wonderful title "Fair Game," directed by Doug Liman, has been under wraps but here's a report by someone who attended a "test screening." Films are often changed based on reactions there. No set release date yet. Excerpt:

"Fair Game is really a tremendous, thought provoking film. It's based on the same titled memoir by former CIA Agent Valerie Plame, who of course worked for the agency as an undercover spy until her husband wrote an op-ed piece declaring that the Bush White House lied about Sadaam Hussein's efforts to buy yellow-cake uranium from Niger. Naomi Watts plays Plame (and as shown at the ending, really looks a lot like her), and plays her wonderfully. The story is set up through a sequence at the beginning showing her in action in the field, and in the CIA headquarters being completely dedicated to her job. She loves what she does for her country even at the price the travel and the secrecy puts on her family life."

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