Scottish stone circles feature in exhibition

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ANCIENT stone monuments around the Aberdeenshire countryside are the focus of a new photography exhibition.

Dramatic black and white images depicting some of the region’s stone circles have gone on display at Westhill. Stone circles at Easter Aquorthies, Loanhead of Daviot near Inverurie and Tomnaverie near Aboyne feature in the show at Max’s Cafe on Ashdale Drive.

Westhill photographer Heather Maslen says her images are part of an ongoing project to record the region’s historic stone monuments.

“I like the mystery and the beauty of them,” she said.

“There is a fascination about them because we do not know exactly why they were put there.

“They are just such a part of this area. It’s a way of exploring the countryside. I am trying to find some off the beaten track that not everyone sees.

“I’ve been doing it for 18 months already but I’ve got so much more to do.”

Mrs Maslen, 53, specialises in black and white images.

She said: “When it’s black and white and dispenses with the colour, I think you get the real essence of something.”

The exhibition runs until November 5 and includes photographs from when she lived in Alaska.

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