History Channel takes the reality route

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LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Building on three years of ratings growth, History has ordered several reality shows, including a spin-off of Thom Beers' top-rated "Ice Road Truckers."

Under the leadership of president and general manager Nancy Dubuc, History recently launched its 10 highest-rated series to date. She plans to continue the network's strategy of developing informative reality shows and headline-drawing event specials...

... Another series on deck is "Sliced," on which objects are cut in half to reveal their inner workings; and "9/12: The Day After" (working title). The special follows up the channel's Emmy-winning "102 Minutes That Changed America" documentary about 9/11 with a look at the day after the attacks...

...In the coming months, however, the network will re-embrace its roots with a trio of prestigious historical titles: the miniseries "World War II in HD"; the celebrity-filled oral history miniseries "The People Speak"; and next year's 12-part series "America: The Story of Us," billed as the network's biggest-ever production.

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