Exhibition of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts from Brooklyn Museum Explores the Afterlife

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Pyramids and Pharaohs. Sphinxes and Sarcophagi. The Ten Commandments. The Book of the Dead. Crocodiles, Cobras, and Cleopatra. What other culture evokes such rich imagination and echoes of immortality as ancient Egypt?

On October 14, the Nile comes to Norfolk with the public debut of To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum. This blockbuster show, on view through January 3, 2010 in the Large Changing Gallery, promises to be one of the most extraordinary exhibitions that the Chrysler Museum ever has hosted.

As its title suggests, To Live Forever explores the age-old questions of immortality and life after death. For ancient Egyptians, death was an enemy that could be overcome through a bit of ingenuity and careful preparation. If their efforts were successful and the gods were appeased, the end of life on earth was merely a portal to a new beginning.

For its first-ever special exhibition of Egyptian antiquities, the Chrysler has drawn from the extensive holdings of the Brooklyn Museum, renowned as one of the richest collections of such art in the world. More than 120 rare objects—including mummies, coffins, sarcophagi, statuary, jewelry, and funerary shrouds—trace the Egyptians’ all-consuming efforts to outfit their tombs to please the gods, subdue death, and allow them to “live forever” in the afterlife. The Chrysler is proud to be the only Mid-Atlantic venue for this remarkable display of Egyptian artifacts related to their quest to achieve eternal life...

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