Julie Taymor's 'Lion King' costumes join Smithsonian collection

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Costumes from the Tony-winning Broadway production of "The Lion King" now have a permanent home in one of country's largest museums.

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History has acquired objects from the musical's costume wardrobe designed by Julie Taymor. The gift from Disney Theatrical Productions includes items worn by the characters of Simba and the tribal shaman Rafiki.

Simba's lion mask and headdress plus Rafiki's costume, custom shoes and hat will join the museum’s permanent entertainment collections.

The gift from Disney was made on the occasion of the show's reaching the 50 million worldwide attendance mark. "The Lion King" has been produced so far in 13 countries, including Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Holland, France, Mexico, Australia, China, Taiwan, South Africa and South Korea.

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