Kirk Cameron monkeys with Darwin

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In November, Charles Darwin’s history-changing “On the Origin of Species” turns 150. And after a century and a half of archaeological discoveries and biological advances lending credence to his evolutionary theories, even Darwin would have to be impressed with the sheer endurance of those who prefer the literal, biblical version of how we all got here. People like '80s sitcom star-turned-Christian action hero Kirk Cameron.

Celebrations and exhibitions commemorating “Origin’s" publication are gearing up across the world, but Cameron and his God squad are not going to sit around quietly while monkey ancestry gets peddled to America’s youth. On Nov. 21, they’re handing "the truth" straight to them -- in the form of 50,000 free copies of Darwin’s book, amended with a 50-page introduction refuting the whole megillah, at the top 50 college campuses across the country...

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