HMS Victory future secured as National Museum of the Royal Navy gets 64-cannon launch

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Months of speculation over the future of HMS Victory ended today after the Secretary for the Ministry of Defence announced the flagship would be a focal point for a new National Museum of the Royal Navy.

Speaking at the launch in Portsmouth, Baroness Taylor unveiled plans to unite the four Naval Service museums – at Portsmouth, Gosport, Southsea and Yeovilton – in one national centre.

“To many people, it has long seemed curious that the Royal Navy - which is, after all, the Senior Service - is the only one of the three Armed Forces not to be represented by a national museum,” admitted the Baroness.

“For a nation that owes its very existence to its history as a sea power, its maritime prowess and naval mastery, this is a strange omission, and one that the Royal Navy now intends to rectify by drawing its four individual museums together.”

The Victory will remain a Royal Navy Flagship, with the Museum taking charge of its running as a tourist attraction...

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