A Work of Art at the University of Leicester has Captured in Time the Human Tragedy of the 9/11 Atrocity

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Internationally acclaimed sculptor John Sydney Carter FRBS, curator of the outdoor sculpture show at the University of Leicester’s Harold Martin Botanic Garden, has a number of works at the exhibition.

One is a forged steel sculpture commemorating the events of 9/11. Falling Man 9/11 was a response to the collapse of the World Trade Tower. The man is made from forged steel and has become fused with the fabric of the building.

John Sydney Carter, who has been a full time sculptor since 1984 and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors, commented: “I watched the television on that terrible day and witnessed people throwing themselves from the burning World Trade Tower. At the time all I could think of was the shock and horror of seeing those final moments as people fell to the ground to escape the flames.

“The image of falling people and the tower collapsing merged into one so that the figures became fragments of the building.

“For some time I could see that image in my mind but didn't know how I could interpret it until I built a forge in my studio and that was the catalyst that enabled me, through the fire in the forge, to twist and bend the metal into the figure and the concept of the falling man became possible.

“The column it sits on in polished steel stands for the towers.”..

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