Stonehenge visitor centre looks 'cheap and nasty'

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Denton Corker Marshall’s designs for a £25 million Stonehenge visitor centre have been compared to an “immigration detention centre”, just weeks before the planning application is due to be submitted

Following local consultation over the summer, client English Heritage is hoping to submit plans to Wiltshire County Council by the end of this month. It aims to meet the government’s target of opening the temporary facility in time for the influx of tourists attracted by the London 2012 Olympics.

But in a sign that the 20-year Stonehenge visitor centre saga is set to continue, councillor Paul Sample, a former mayor of Salisbury, has attacked the scheme as a “cheap and nasty” addition to the World Heritage Site; while Peter Alexander-Fitzgerald, a member of the International Council on Monuments & Sites, claimed the centre resembled “a derelict aircraft hangar”...

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