Obama photo evokes Kennedy moment

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US President Barack Obama and Sasha Obama (L) and US President John F Kennedy with John F Kennedy Jnr (1 August 1963)

The US White House has released a photograph of President Barack Obama's daughter Sasha sneaking up on her father as he works in the Oval Office.

The image has drawn comparisons with the famous 1963 image of John F Kennedy Jnr playing underneath the Oval Office desk as his father reads documents.

That picture helped create the image of"Camelot" associated with the Kennedys.

Mr Obama has said being able to work and live at home is"one of the huge benefits of being president"...

... She and her older sister, Malia, are the youngest children to live in the White House since the 1960s, but Mr Obama and his wife Michelle have always said they want their daughters to have as normal a life as possible...

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