Egypt anger over Sadat film dog

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A character in I Love You Man says he named his dog Anwar Sadat because he looks "exactly" like the former leader.

The lawyer, Samir Sabri, has demanded an inquiry into the showing of the film and asked the US embassy for an apology, Masrawy website reports.

Several Egyptian bloggers say the film is an insult to their country.

The character, played by Jason Segel, says his dog is a cross between a beagle and a pug and is "the most beautiful dog in the world".

He says it is called "Anwar Sadat: after Anwar Sadat, the former president of Egypt".

When asked by his co-star, Paul Rudd, whether this is because he admires Mr Sadat's policies, he replies: "No, because they look exactly alike" and the film cuts to a shot of the dog.

A later scene shows the character also has a poster of Mr Sadat on the wall of his home.

Several Egyptian bloggers have complained about the film, which is currently showing in the country, saying it is insulting...

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