Institute of Anthropology and Iztacalco delegation of Mexico City agree to protect heritage

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The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and Iztacalco delegation of Mexico City signed a collaboration and coordination agreement to conserve and divulgate archaeological and historical heritage distributed over the 23 kilometers that integrate this district in the orient of Mexico D.F.

Alfonso de Maria y Campos, INAH general director and Fernando Rosique Castillo, chief of Iztacalco political delegation, signed in July 21st 2009 an agreement in which actions to be taken include “Casa de la Sal” monument cataloguing program and archaeological material exhibition hall creation.

The heavily industrialized and over populated district of Mexico City lodges Colonial constructions linked to chinampas (small artificial islands). Until half 20th century, Iztacalco surrounding territory was used for agriculture.

Iztacalco historical center is integrated by neighborhoods Santa Cruz, La Asuncion, San Miguel, Los Reyes, Zapotla, San Francisco, Xicaltongo and Santiago.

Among the ancient buildings outstand San Matias ex convent and parish and Santa Anita Zacatlalmanco Huehuetl town, with important historic, cultural and architectural values. Cataloguing these and other cultural goods is part of the tasks included in the agreement...

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