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brokered conventions

  • Originally published 03/14/2016

    Another brokered convention?

    Amy Davidson

    The last contested Republican and Democratic Conventions were in 1948 and 1952, respectively, and both nominated a candidate on the third ballot.

  • Originally published 03/25/2012

    The Myth of "Brokered" Conventions

    Leo P. Ribuffo

    The 1950s and 1970s probably do not seem so long ago to most adults. Even those born later usually remember conversations with their parents and grandparents. The main exception to this practice seems to be our reigning political pundits, for whom only events since 1980 at the latest count as recent and relevant. This short-term perspective badly distorts our understanding of so-called brokered conventions.

  • Originally published 03/23/2012

    The Perils of a Brokered Convention

    R. Craig Sautter

    Before the primary system became the dominant path to nomination, most delegates to the national convention were simply loyal members of the party rewarded with a junket to a far-off city. They would readily switch their vote when ordered by state leaders or in exchange for some particular inducement. Not now.