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Paris Attack

  • Originally published 12/03/2015

    Shame on you, Niall Ferguson

    Paul B. Sturtevant

    He elected to throw gasoline on the fires of Islamophobia after the Paris attacks.

  • Originally published 11/16/2015

    The Endless Cycle of Terrorism

    Ivan Eland

    In the wake of the heinous attacks on civilians in Paris, the French are now prone to repeating the same mistakes the United States made after the even more barbaric 9/11 attacks.

  • Originally published 11/14/2015

    Paris at Midnight

    Juan Cole

    Is this an attempt to push France out of the anti-ISIS coalition in Syria?

  • Originally published 11/22/2015

    The American Reaction to Refugees, 1848-1924

    Mark Byrnes's Facing Backwards

    The sad demand that only Christian refugees should be admitted to the U.S. reminds this historian of an awful American tradition.