Muhammad Ali

  • Is Ali the Last American Hero? Who Else is There?

    by Robert Lipsyte

    "I’ve been wondering lately just how Ali actually reached such heights. There are plenty of people alive today who once hated him and yet, in American popular culture, he’s now a secular saint."

  • Ken Burns's Documentary Shows We Can't Quit Ali

    by Jay Caspian Kang

    "The odd thing about American sainthood is that we seem to prefer those who, like Ali and Jackie Robinson, did not engage directly in the dirty world of politics, but rather stood as trailblazers or icons in sports or Hollywood."

  • Who Was the Real Muhammad Ali?

    by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith

    A self-interview with the authors of a new book, “Blood Brothers,” about Ali and Malcolm X.

  • Muhammad Ali: The Hero Who Once Was an Enemy of the State

    by Ruth Rosen

    AS A FILM, the newly released"Ali" is riveting, but disappointing. Will Smith fails to capture the charismatic, larger-than-life energy of the extraordinary man who alternately mesmerized and antagonized the American public.