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Donald Trump

  • Originally published 07/23/2015

    Down With The Confederate Flag, Up With Donald Trump!

    Rick Perlstein

    Removing the flag of the Confederacy, raising the flag of immigrant hating: the former doesn’t spell some new Jerusalem of tolerance; the latter doesn’t mean that conservatism’s racism has finally been revealed for all to see.

  • Originally published 11/08/2013

    Veterans Day in Ireland

    Jason R. Myers

    For one thing, it's not Veterans Day, it's Remembrance Day. For another, it's not an official holiday, even though some 200,000 Irishman fought in World War I.

  • Originally published 11/03/2013

    Is the Arab World Shifting to Russia?

    Juan Cole

    In the 1960s, America competed with the Soviet Union for influence in the Arab world. Is it back to the future for diplomacy in the Middle East?

  • Originally published 04/27/2011

    Henry Ford for President!

    Joseph Kip Kosek

    The nation’s leading capitalist emerges as a surprise candidate for president.  His political views range from unknown to repulsive to incoherent, but he vaults to the top of early opinion polls.  He has that flair, that self-reliance, that je ne sais pas that set him apart in an undistinguished field.  The man, of course, is Henry Ford.  Long before Donald Trump burst into contention for the Republican nomination, Ford briefly became the most exciting prospect for the presidential election of 1924.

  • Originally published 05/27/2017

    Why Trump's Snub of NATO Matters

    Mark Byrnes's Facing Backwards

    NATO is not a “deal.” It is not a protection racket. The American creation of NATO was meant to serve American interests.

  • Originally published 02/12/2017

    Academic opposition to Trump's Muslim ban

    Infinity, Limited

    Getting academics to work together is often, as the old joke goes, like herding cats.  So what did it take to get scores of scientific and academic organizations to act together?  The answer is President Trump’s January 27 blanket banning, now temporarily stayed by court order, certain groups of Muslims from entering the United States. 

  • Originally published 01/26/2017

    Trump Needs some Sage Rabbinic Advice

    Gil Troy

    These aren't predictions, but caveats for responsible leaders in a treacherous world, during unstable times, facing a boorish president.

  • Originally published 01/19/2017

    The Era of Bad Feelings?

    Mark Byrnes's Facing Backwards

    "It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt ... that they are incapable of exercising the sovereignty. Usurpation is then an easy attainment, and an usurper soon found." James Monroe

  • Originally published 12/04/2016

    The American Who Buried a Kamikaze Enemy

    Gil Troy

    In April of 1945, Captain William Callaghan and the USS Missouri were attacked by a kamikaze pilot intent on destroying all on board. His attack failed, and Callaghan stood up to his men to bury the enemy.

  • Originally published 07/30/2016

    Will Khizr Khan be Donald Trump’s Joseph Welch?

    Mark Byrnes's Facing Backwards

    Joseph Welch asked the question that woke up the American people to Joe McCarthy’s lack of decency. Khizr and Ghazala Khan have done the same service for the American people today—if we listen.