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  • Originally published 07/24/2015

    Charleston and the Amok Syndrome

    Thomas Fleming

    While there is a connection to the so-called Lost Cause on the surface of Dylann Roof’s disturbed mind, it is not an explanation for the tragedy. The reason for the bloodshed is psychiatric, not racial or political.

  • Originally published 06/29/2015

    Bring down the Confederate flag, not memory of Civil War fallen

    Jonathan Zimmerman

    In the wake of the Charleston murders, the campaign against the Confederate flag has morphed into attacks on other historical vestiges of the Confederacy itself. And anyone who cares about history should be alarmed by that.

  • Originally published 06/22/2015

    Faith in Charleston

    Steve Estes

    The complex history of religion in Charleston serves as both a cautionary tale and a reason for hope.